A nice super thick Sugar&Honey scrub polish that gets rid of dry lips whilst adding moisture back into them.


  • Exfoliating helps remove dead skin
  • Honey helps with attacting moisture back into the lips
  • Recommend to use 2 x times a week. (Any more can damage your lips)


How to use -

  • Simply rub the scrub over clean damp lips
  • For a gentle exfoliation, you can use your finger, a soft cloth or toothbrush
  • Rinse off with water for gorgeous looking lips
  • Apply a lip balm after for moisture.


Perfect Match - Honey Lip Balm


Handmade, homemade and vegan cosmetics with natural ingredients and essential oils.


Keep in cool and out of sunlight.

No chemicals or toxic ingredients.

Sugar&Honey Polish

  • Sugar, Honey, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Castor Oil. (Not Vegan)